My name is Amy and this is my blog. It doesn’t have much on it yet, but that’ll change.

I’m a writer. I live and breath words. I love fantasy in all it’s iterations. I’m partial to SF, though not nearly as well-read as I should be. These are also the genres I write in (if you’re looking for my non-fiction book, try here).

Talented is an Urban Fantasy that blends open-world magic with modern technology. Set in an alternate London, where the magical Talented race rules, a time had finally come when the mortals, thanks to modern technology, are on even footing. The two factions are less than friendly and the half-bloods, those with both Talented and Mortal blood, are caught in the middle.

Enter Emily, our protagonist. She runs a tea shop, catering mostly to the Otherworld denizens- you know, hobgoblins, pixies, dwarves, gnomes, kobolds and the fae. Her quiet life is rudely interrupted when she is targetted by a serial killer out for half-blood… well, blood. However, what makes hey own blood so desirable may be the very thing to stop the muderous monster.

Untitled is a space western, set around two hundred years in the future. It’s only in its infancy¬†but starts with a rogueish mechanic thrust into a future world. He’s hunted by the government and goes on the run to the Outer Rigs, lawless planets where he can lose himself in the crowd. His only ally is SAM, a sentient computer that is as hunted as he is. Together, they learn to run, fight and make some very interesting friends.

My books will, in all likelihood, be self-published. I adore the process of being an indie author and I love supporting others who are putting out high-quality work without the assistance of a big publishing house. I’ll be reviewing indie books, interviewing self-made authors in the genre, and keeping you abreast of the latest news in geek culture.

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