How to Show an Author You Love Them

Have you ever read a book, or a series of books, and wished you could make the whole world read them? If you haven’t, you’re not reading the right kind of books.

Stumbling on to an author, especially one who isn’t a big name bestseller, is hard. Promotions cost money and the internet is awash with books, free, cheap and otherwise. When an author publishes something, it’s often luck, money or dedicated time spent that pushes it into the public eye- and even then, it can bypass a huge number of people who would love it, if only they knew it was there.

support authors

As a reader, one of the best ways to tell an author how much you love their work is to talk about them. As lovely as it is to receive fan mail, doing it publicly can expose the book to more readers who might love it as much as you do. By spreading the word,  you’re doing the only kind of marketing that really works: word of mouth.

How often have you read a book that a friend has raved about, compared to one you bought because of a vague facebook advert? I know I put great stock in my friends recommendations, and I’m always incredibly grateful to be put onto something I love.

You can:

  • Send a tweet with a link to the book and a few words on what you thought (use a tiny.url or to leave you more space)
  • Write a review on facebook, again with a link to the book
  • Post a selfie of you reading it! Tag the author, we love to see who’s reading our stuff
  • Leave reviews- both on sales sites like Amazon, and reader sites like Goodreads.
  • If you’re an avid reader, consider joining communities like Goodreads. It’s a great place to share the books you love and to find more
  • Got a blog? Review your favourite books! Many indie authors are willing to do interviews or appearances in return for a little exposure, especially early in their career
  • Talk to people. Talk about the books and genres you love. Swap recommendations. Buy books for your kids and tell your friends with kids which ones yours liked.
  • Read.

Are you a reader? Tell me the best book you’ve read so far this year. (This is mine– a fast paced paranormal detective series, similar in feel to the Dresden books)

Are you a writer? What’s the best way your fans can support you?